My Insurance SMSF

I used to think SMSF stood a little for my self managed super fund and a lot for the insurance I had, we dubbed it ‘So Many Sad Failings’. For the annual premium we just had really poor cover and once we had taken the time to run some figures and read the fine print, we knew we had to change.

The insurance for SMSF we have now was organised through The Insurance Quoter and the big difference is this is their speciality. They are not an insurer for whom SMSF is an afterthought and because of that they deal with a very specific type of clientèle. They know exactly what someone like me expects in terms of quality, value and especially service. There’s always someone on the other end of the phone when I have problems and when you consider all of their advantages, it’s amazing that when you go through an Insurance Broker, they are actually cheaper.

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